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We have been growing wicker for the period of 20 years. Our company produces wicker mats using its own resources and is ,therefore, considered to be an independent and reliable business partner. After collecting the wicker from our plantation, it is sorted according to length and quality, with the latter being our main priority. Both spacious and airy warehouse makes it possible for us to store the resources as well as ready-made goods in perfect condition. We can produce up to 60 – 120, 000 m2 of wicker mat from our own resources.

  1. One of the main advantages that a wicker mat offers is its decorative function, which is a result of its beautiful design. It is also a kind of barrier against wind, dust and noise, not to mention your nosey neighbour.
  2. Our mats are bound every 10 cm with galvanized wire by reliable Austrian Berger machines. Only Polish foundation wire (0,5 – 0,8 mm) and wrapping wire (0,3 – 0,4 mm) is used in the production.
  3. There is an excess of the wire on both sides, which makes it possible to join a desired number of mats with a good aesthetic impression. Additionally, the mats can be twisted according to your needs.
  4. In order to install wicker mats, galvanized wire, nails, self-tightening clamps or staples are used. The choice of material is dependent on the kind of fence for the mat to be installed on.
  5. 1.It has been estimated for the mat to last at least a few years.

The use of wicker mat

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  • on balconies
  • on steel fences
  • on dilapidated wooden fences

By inviting companies to cooperate, stores and gardening centers. We would like today to provide good quality and timeliness of ongoing contracts.

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